Y.E.S Programme

  • Y.E.S Program (Youth Employment Service) is designed to encourage industries to employ young black people to minimise unemployment.
  • Companies that hire young people and participate in the Y.E.S Program are rewarded by being moved up to 2 levels up on their B-BBEE scorecard irrespective of what the final score is.
  • Bayanda provides expert advice on implementing the Y.E.S Program.

Skills Audit

•Skills audits are done to determine skills gap and training needs so an organisation can improve its skills and knowledge.
•Skills Audit Gap Analysis will enable the organisation to improve by providing the appropriate training and development to individuals to cater for the identified skill gaps.
•Recommendations on who should be trained and what the training should cover should be done following a skills audit.
•A Workplace Skills Plan that is aligned to a B-BBEE score card is the outcome of a Skills Audit.